About Our Holiday Schedules

Our holiday schedule is not a complete list of all known holidays.  There are hundreds of holidays that we have not listed on our site.  We have chosen what we believe to be the most popular for each given category.  This format was chosen to keep your calendar clear of items that may not be of significant interest to you.

If you feel that we have overlooked a holiday that is important to you, please send us feedback at customerservice@dyousc.com.  More holidays may be added to our database if the demand supports this decision.



We make every attempt to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the holidays listed.  However, we can not and do not guarantee the accuracy of the information that we provide.  Many holidays have vague histories dating back hundreds over even thousands of years, and many have originated with legends or beliefs of ancient civilizations.  For your convenience, many of our pages provide links to other web sites with a proven expertise on the holiday. 

If you feel that any of the information that we have presented is incomplete or inaccurate, contact us at customerservice@dyousc.com????????.  Please be sure to include a verifiable source for any information that you provide.



Unless otherwise stated, we do not claim copyright ownership on images or music files presented on our pages.  When the original copyright owner is known, we provide reference to the rightful owner.  Much of the information presented on our site is gathered from official government sources such as the Library of Congress.  The use of U.S. Armed Forces sound recordings in no way indicates an endorsement of Calendar Updates by any branch of the Armed Forces. 

If we have listed media from an unknown source and you can provide original copyright ownership information for the material, please contact us at customerservice@dyousc.com.  Please be sure to include a verifiable source for any information that you provide.

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