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秒速赛车官方网站 Commonwealth Day is celebrated on the second Monday of March.

Commonwealth Day is the day when Commonwealth countries, which represent a quarter of all humanity, acknowledge their common bonds and the contribution of the Commonwealth of Nations to the creation of a harmonious global environment。 The holiday is celebrated with a different theme every year。

The second Monday in March was chosen as Commonwealth Day because it is a day when all schools throughout the Commonwealth are in session。 Commonwealth leaders agreed that the day should be used to promote knowledge of the Commonwealth, particularly among the young people of their countries。

Since 1977, schools all over the Commonwealth have organized special activities to promote the understanding of the association。 Many places hold events such as games, exhibitions and parties。 There are folk dancers and displays of national costumes, and parades of national flags。

Many children correspond with pen pals from schools in other Commonwealth countries。 Such activities are mainly designed to stimulate the children's interest and make learning about the Commonwealth fun。





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