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Christmas Eve is December 24th.

Christmas in most homes begins on the evening of December 24th, where excited young children are encouraged to go to bed early so as not to miss out on gifts from Santa Claus。

Christmas Eve in Canada is a combination of a lot of traditions. Some families open presents Christmas Eve night, many go to church, or have different dinners, like ham, goose, etc. Some Christmas Eve traditions across Canada include:

  • Labrador and Newfoundland: During Christmas week it is customary for the folks to "fish for the church". They bring their catch to be sold for the local parish. For Christmas Eve services, the children enjoy receiving little lighted candles standing in a turnip that has been specially saved from the harvest for this use.

  • Nova Scotia: In the part of Cape Breton country, settled by Scottish highlanders, the psalms are read on Christmas morning. In other places, people sing old songs and carols.

  • Vancouver: Brightly illuminated Christmas trees glow in the homes, on the lawns, and in the squares of this Western city.


In some parts of Canada, there is a belief that on Christmas Eve, the dead rise up from their graves and kneel at the foot of the cemetery cross where they are awaited by the previous parish priest wearing a white surplice and golden stole. The priest says the prayers for the Nativity aloud and the departed respond reverently. Once the mass is finished, the dead rise, look longingly at the village and the house where they were born, then silently return to their coffins.

Traditions in other parts of the world include;

  • The idea that animals have the power of speech at midnight on Christmas Eve。 This superstition exists in various parts of Europe, and no one can hear the beasts talk with impunity。

  • There is also a French belief that on Christmas Eve, while the genealogy of Christ is being chanted at the Midnight Mass, hidden treasures are revealed.

  • In Russia all sorts of buried treasures are supposed to be revealed on the evenings between Christmas and the Epiphany, and on the eves of these festivals the heavens are opened, and the waters of springs and rivers turn into wine.




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Angels Medley秒速赛车官方网站 (Band of the U.S. Air Force Reserve - 4:30/7.3MB)


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Carol of the Bells (USAF Band of the Rockies - 1:24/991KB)


Deck the Halls (Band of the U.S. Air Force Reserve - 2:05/1.0MB)


Deck the Halls (USAF Band of the Rockies - 1:09/819KB)


Fum Fum Fum (USAF Band of the Rockies - 1:16/2.75MB)


God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (USAF Band of Mid-America - 3:31/3.3MB)


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Sounds of the Season (Band of the U.S. Air Force Reserve - 5:53/9.5MB)


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秒速赛车官方网站Silent Night (USAF Band of the Rockies - 2:42/1.9MB)


We Wish You a Merry Christmas - (United States Navy Band - 1:36/1.5MB)


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