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National Aboriginal Day




National Aboriginal Day

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National Aboriginal Day is celebrated on June 21st. It is a statutory holiday in the Northwest Territories.

秒速赛车官方网站 National Aboriginal Day is a chance for Canadians to celebrate the rich contributions Aboriginal peoples have made to Canada.

On June 13, 1996, Governor General Romo LeBlanc proclaimed June 21 as National Aboriginal Day。 The Royal Proclamation stated that, "。。。 the Aboriginal peoples of Canada have made and continue to make valuable contributions to Canadian society and it is considered appropriate that there be, in each year, a day to mark and celebrate these contributions and to recognize the different cultures of the Aboriginal people of Canada。"

In co-operation with national Aboriginal organizations, the Government of Canada chose June 21st for National Aboriginal day because it is also the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. For generations, many Aboriginal peoples have celebrated their culture and heritage on or near this day.

Today, Canada is proud to recognize the unique achievements of Aboriginal peoples - in fields as diverse as agriculture and the environment to nation building and the arts, with a national celebration。 National Aboriginal Day events are organized locally and regionally。 You can get involved by contacting an Aboriginal community or organization in your area, calling your local municipal office or visiting the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development website at 。







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